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ALESSANDRO ROSCIOLI, Roman, Food entrepreneur

If you should describe yourself briefly, how would you introduce yourself?
I was born in Rom in September 1970. If I'm not travelling, you can find me in my delicatessen shop Salumeria Roscioli, in via dei Giubbonari. I recently found out that I love playing tennis, while I have been loving food since I was 7 years old.

Tell us what it means to you to be a scrambler rider.
Leaving for a trip on a scrambler means to feel totally free. I don't use any navigator and I just listen to the directions and tips of whom I meet on the street. In this way stories begin. Everything is linked, my bike, my delicatessen shop, my travels, my work with friends and my family and the adventure has not stopped yet. Maybe this is really my heaven on earth!

Which are your favourite routes when you ride your motorbike?
My favourite route is always the next one, the new one, the one that I've never tried. Anyway, I already know that it will deal with food. An ongoing adventure; either work or pleasure, it is always about food. The adventure has never stopped. Either at work or with friends, food and wine take always the centre stage. There is no talk that doesn't end up speaking about restaurants and, if we are lucky, we end up eating in one of them. Notice that, if you begin to talk about art, then you’ll end up to talk about a fantastic niche producer whose products you have to try absolutely and in few seconds you are already planning a trip outside the town; you talk about towns, sightseeing and places to see and you’ll end up talking about a typical product that you cannot miss. When you are asking for suggestions to plan your trip, the second tip is about where and what you have to eat. There is no getting away from it. Around a table people enter into agreements, they fell in love and friendships become stronger. You toast to somebody or to something or you console yourself joining other people. Because food means to share, to become closer, to be cheered up and to find out new things. It is part of everyone. And especially part of me. There was no travel or trip outside the town which hasn't something to do with food or wine. I plunge into things. Village fairs, pubs, starred restaurants and taverns. it's always a good chance to find out something new. Sometimes, the words of a friend or the suggestion of a customer inspire me and I decide to leave to see if it is really that way. I plunge into traditions, our roots, but I like experiments and innovators too. I like to go with the flow. When I ride my motorbike, it's even better. It's easier to go with the flow, going around and losing yourself. And you are plunged into a parallel dimension of reality. When you see for example a shepherd sleeping with his whole cheese so that nobody can steal it, because he has to leave doors and windows opened to let them ripen. And this is his life. People and families that have been spending their lives producing things that make us feeling good. Producers of passion and wonders. All these stories come back with me to the Salumeria to fascinate someone else that could be inspired too and set out for a trip.  

  Where are street foods (restaurant, booths, pubs, holiday farms) that you have to know?
Supplizio – via dei Banchi vecchi, 143 - 00186 Rome
Trapizzino – via Giovanni Branca, 88 - 00153 Rome
Piano Strada - Vicolo del Cedro, 36 - 00186 Rome

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