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The Taste of Joy APP

“The Taste of Joy” is the app for all the Ducati Scrambler & street food lovers that dream of exploring Italy & discovering new flavors.

Why “The Taste of Joy” Mobile App?
To know where you should go. To discover what to eat and drink. To hear all the tales hidden behind the words “street food”.

Download the APP “The Taste of Joy”,
Open the map.
Check where you are.
You’ll discover the places where street food is a religion, the land where street food was born.

Now take your bike and run andn let your instincts and Tastes guide you. Taste the landscape, breathe the wind, learn the road. Then stop and give yourself one sip, one bite, and one more, and one more. Have a little chat. EnJoy a moment of Joy. These are scattered little points; connect them. Life is all about the miles you ride.

The taste of joy - Scrambler Ducati

The taste of joy - Scrambler Ducati

The Taste of Joy

What are the corners where you seek refuge, where you restart, and where you Taste life more and more?
Where do you run to when you take your bike looking for an unknown flavor that you want to share with your friends?
What’s your“Taste of Joy”?

We asked these sames questions to star chefs, artists, musicians, but most of all real bikers that take life one bite after another.

These are the stories of people who Taste life. This is the .“Taste of Joy”.


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