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If you should describe yourself briefly, how would you introduce yourself?
I was born in one of the most important footwear manufacturing districts of Italy and this can be a big chance, a sign … then, if you spend your childhood in the upper factory of your mom and in the summer you begin to work for your dad and your uncle in a shoes company, you can do just two things: either falling in love with shoes or hating them. I'm from Civitanova Marche, I was born in 1984. I used to play basket and I liked sneakers very much. I became a collector and I had until 400 pairs of shoes, limited edition.

Tell us what it means to you to be a scrambler rider.
I feel like a Scrambler rider when I'm in the mountains. I love nature, freedom. Inspired by my travel to the East, to the USA, by climbing the Alps, Italian side, and by the racers on the tops of the mountains in Majorca, I realized that it was time to make my dream come true: to create my line of shoes. The name that I chose for these creations is TSEBITAI. Like an elevation that you cannot climb because it is holy for the Navajo, population in the New Mexico. The look of the shoes has been inspired by mountains, but they are very comfortable like moccasins. They had a tubular structure so that feet are always touching leather (thanks to this technical solution no glue is used on the upper). In addition to this models are wholly hand-sewed, obviously in Italy.

Which are your favourite routes when you ride your motorbike?
During my business trips I saw extraordinary sites, remote places, but the sea smell of my country is another thing. I'm bound to my land. A trip riding a motorbike on the Adriatic coast, to Pesaro, where you can eat directly on the port. The booth is called Piadamarina. It is small, but there you can eat very good fried fish and piadina, unleavened flat bread, typical of Romagna. I use to eat a hamburger with bbq sauce. Near to Piadamarina you can find Moloco. A classical place to drink an aperitif at sunset, when the red light of the sky is perfect to keep on dreaming with opened eyes …

Taste of Joy: Where are street foods (restaurant, booths, pubs, holiday farms) that you have to know?
Piadamarina - Calata Caio Duilio - 61121 Pesaro PU
Moloco - Calata Caio Duilio - 61121 Pesaro PU

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