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If you should describe yourself briefly, how would you introduce yourself?
My name is Terry Nesti and I'm responsible for customer information at Manifatture Sigaro Toscano; in 2000 I began to work for the company and during these 15 years I've travelled all over Italy and sometimes also abroad. I saw towns, villages, many hotels and many fair halls. Now, I work as event planner and I organize like 450/500 events in many different places and this allows me to know different situations and habits also related to food and cooking.

Tell us what it means to you to be a scrambler rider.
It means to be strong enough to change for staying true to yourself. I've done this my way. “There is only the way you can rely on. This is the only way out. There is the desire and the need to go out in the street”. So sang the famous Italian song writer and singer, Giorgio Gaber, some years ago. Streets are part of my story, kilometres by car, train or plane, above all for business, but also on my Scrambler, for pleasure. I have to sleep in many different hotels over the year, above all during my business trips. But I like to travel for pleasure too. This allows me to know different ways of cooking, that are around every corner in Italy. I used to be very lazy, the prince of laziness (because it was too hard to be the king of lazyness). Then, when I was 39 something has changed. I realized that just drinking and eating was not so good for me. I weighed 202 lb and I'm one metre seventy-five tall. I weighed too much, so I became a walker. Now, I weigh 158 lb, I still love food, but I know that I can allow me to eat and to drink this way because I do sport. This to the detriment of bike riding. I have less chance to use it, to travel on my Scrambler. In short more walking than riding. The chance to ride a Ducati Scambler, the Full Throttle version, has made me realize once again what it means to feel free, to get satisfaction and have fun when you make a trip outside the town, on the way to the barber shop, and even when you have an ice-cream with your girlfriend.

Which are your favourite routes when you ride your motorbike?
My favourite route leads to a lake, the artificial basin of Suviana, where you can have a delicious street food: Crescenta fritta, a sort of big fried dumplings, that you can eat at the restaurant la Spiaggetta. They are soft and crumbly and you can try the version, the best to me, with rucola (garden rocket), ham and squacquerone (a mild and soft Italian cheese). Crescenta is made up of 2 soft rectangles of fried pastry, one on the other, filled with the ingredients you choose. A simple food, maybe not the best in summer, although here, between Tuscany and Emilia, it has always a big success, in every season. It's what you need after a trip full of turns and corners on your motorbike like the one from Taviano to Badi, a destination that all local motorcyclists love.

Taste of Joy: Where are street foods (restaurant, booths, pubs, holiday farms) that you have to know?
La Spiaggetta a Camugnano (Bo) sul Lago di Suviana.

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